Quality Management

Bearing is judged on three parameters.

  • Its geometrical accuracies.
  • Noise level.
  • Life.

To maintain geometrical accuracies inner& outer races are measured at every stage of manufacture by regularly calibrated measuring instruments and gauges. We ensure that each and every race is machined and ground and surface finished to well defined international accuracies.

Other two parts cages and rolling elements like balls and rollers are purchased from reputed manufacturers only.

Noise level depends on surface finish and geometry of mating surfaces. For that super-finishing operation gets maximum attention. We are in the process of procuring profilometer to measure geometry and surface finish of our races. Clearances are maintained as per standards by matching all matting parts by specially designed gauges.

Life of bearing depends on alloy steel and its heat treatment. Special care is taken to use only SAE 52100 grade steel from reputed steel manufacturers and heat treatment is supervised by checking micro-structure and hardness at regular intervals.

Our efforts are to manufacture bearings to international standards for utmost satisfaction to our customers.

Our R & D department gives support to our customers for selecting right type of bearing depending on its application. We also guide for right fitment techniques as many a times bearing gets damaged for not following proper fitment methods.